Book Blog Resolutions

I know its almost the beginning of April, but I feel the need, with two failed blog’s now behind me, to establish some resolutions in order to keep myself motivated over the coming year.  

My Blogger Resolutions For 2014

  • Complete Two Or More Book Blogging Challenges

Despite my Blog being just one post old, I was already anxious about what my next book related topic would be, but after searching Book Blogging Challenges online, I feel a bit more comfortable with the whole posting situation. I’m a regular sufferer of the dreaded writing slump, so I’m hoping that a few challenges through the year will keep me motivated!

  • Read At Least Three Classics By The End Of The Year

I recently posted a list of The Top 10 Books I DON’T Want To Read and about halfway through you will see three Classic titles; Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and Frankenstein by Mary Shelley (the more favoured of the three!). Although I’ll admit my enthusiasm is minimal to say the least, I really want to finally be able to knock them off my TBR List and feel a little less guilty about my reading habits! *hides classics at end of TBR pile*

  • Post Regularly, At Least Twice to Three Times A Week Where Possible

In the past, on previous blogs, I didn’t really schedule regular posts and more often than not didn’t bother to set aside time to concentrate seriously on the reviews I was writing or the topics I had chosen. So, 2014 is going to be a little different and alot more organised! I hope to post at least on book related topic plus a random piece of writing throughout each week until May 1st at least when the new addition to our family is expected to arrive! #excitingtimes!

  • Post HONEST Book Reviews Regardless Of How Popular A Title Might Be

On previous blogs, I often wrote book reviews tailored and worded so as not to offend the mass of fans and followers of certain authors. I not realise how pathetic and unreal this is. Honesty really is the best policy!

  • Write More Flash Fiction And Post My Stories To My Blog

I love writing (obviously!), and when  I recently came across an incredible blog dedicated to flash fiction, entitled ‘300 Stories’ I suddenly gained the motivation to spend a little more time on my own creative writing. So, hopefully with the help of a few writing prompts I’ll be soon on my way to regular posts of my own creative writing!